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The Best Technology - Nimbus is powered by Adaptive Streaming technology, for the best user experience.
Easy Media Management - Powerful and user-friendly media management tools that anyone can use.
High-Definition Automated Cloud Encoding - Nimbus automatically takes care of preparing your media for online delivery.
The Best Network - Your video is only as good as the network delivering it - Nimbus leverages the #1 Content Delivery Network in the world.

For Web Developers
Nimbus is great for web development shops of any size. Painless integration makes it a breeze to integrate high-quality media into any HTML page, allowing you to focus on your content - not your video platform. In less than 15 minutes, you can be delivering high-definition video on your site(s) or ours, with no previous streaming experience required.
Does it matter?
Studies show that online viewers watch longer and engage more when presented video in High-Definition, especially with no buffering - something that single-bitrate services like YouTube, Vimeo, and similar platforms can't provide. We take the complexity out of adaptive-bitrate video and make it affordable for you to deliver a great experience to your viewers.
Download Whitepaper
For a convenient, printable Nimbus overview, download the Nimbus whitepaper. Includes an introduction to Nimbus, as well as the Big 4 areas that make Nimbus different.